February Newsletter 2016

February 9, 2016

February is upon us, and our expert advisory committees are fully engaged in reviewing our 2016 proposals for funding. This year we set another record for the number of proposals received, and in total cash and in-kind value. Let’s just say there are lots of great conservation initiatives we could fund. More on that in April, after our Board has met to review advisory committee advice.

For 2016, we have nearly $1.1 million in available funding. This consists of One million from our trust fund and the balance provided through our outstanding partnerships with the NB Liquor Corporation and the PEI Liquor Control Commission. One hundred percent of those funds are committed to New Brunswick and PEI respectively.

Our volunteer of the month is Katharine Mott, who is probably the most prolific salmon conservationist I know. Katharine is a long-term member of our Board of Directors and an important contributor to ASCF policy and program matters, and all other governance items. Fly fisher supreme, exceptional writer, motorcycle buddy and lots of other interesting pursuits, that’s our Katharine Mott!

For February, we are recognizing AMIK (Agence Mamu Innu Kaikusseht), a many time recipient group of ASCF project funding. Most recently, they have coordinated the development of a Regional Round Table with seven Innu communities on the North Shore.  One of the key goals was to facilitate the implementation of stewardship actions to reduce threats to the recovery of Atlantic salmon.  We are pleased to report that, through this project, eleven new salmon conservation initiatives were launched.

The entire ASCF teams looks forward to working with you in 2016. Let’s make it a great conservation year, together!

Yours in conservation,


Stephen Chase