March 27, 2020


As we work our way forward through the workplace and personal challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we wish to assure our clients and supporters that we continue to be available to assist in your wild Atlantic salmon conservation efforts.

As you may know, our Board of Directors recently gave approval to successful grants for 2020. Staff have been engaged in informing both successful, and unsuccessful, applicants of the status of their 2020 application.

In the case of those that were unsuccessful, we have provided reasons how the application might have been strengthened, while offering encouragement and assistance for future application processes.

For those that were successful, we are in the midst of providing draft funding agreements that will initiate a process of concluding project objectives and performance measures. As in past years, we hope to expedite this iterative process so that grant funding may be made available at the earliest possible date. We will also work with you to facilitate the success of your project.

Staff are available and accessible for advice and support. Although we are working from home based on the COVID-19 social distancing advice from the Public Health authorities we can be contacted via email. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Together, we shall work toward assisting you in supporting another successful wild salmon conservation season in 2020.


Best wishes!

Stephen Chase

Executive Director