June Newsletter 2017

June 8, 2017

June typically represents the start of the field season, when seasonal and student employees are enabled to launch the years new (and re-newed) conservation projects and research initiatives. These varied projects are extremely important to improving and maintaining salmon conservation. But, a lesser known aspect of the many projects we help support is the employment factor. Hundreds of seasonal and student employees are the backbone of executing salmon conservation projects. And, these projects help students gain valuable job experience to enhance their career opportunities.

Most of the 72 projects we approved for 2017 are now underway, and each of these recipients has received the up-front 50 percent payment we provide. Staff are working with recipients to complete the funding agreements on all of this year’s projects by the end of the month.

June will also witness the launch of three new applied research projects by our world class Scientific Advisory Committee. We are especially excited with the launch of the life history modelling project for wild Atlantic salmon project by Dr. Jeff Hutchings of Dalhousie University. This project is designed to identify and quantify factors responsible for salmon mortality and examine options or possibilities for project planning that may lead to mitigation or cessation of those threats.  We are pleased to be partnering with DFO’s new Atlantic Salmon Research Joint Venture in supporting this important project.

This month we are featuring ASCF staff member, Darla Saunders. Darla has been with the Foundation for nearly 5 years and has made a huge contribution to developing the effectiveness of our granting program, our policies and procedures. Her primary client base are recipient groups in Quebec and New Brunswick, as well as active role in supporting the work of our Scientific Advisory Committee. We are delighted that Darla is helping make the Foundation a key force in improving salmon conservation.

The featured project for June is the Ouelle River spawning survey project that was carried-out by OBAKIR with a $10,000 grant from the ASCF. The information gathered during the survey was digitally mapped and will provide an interactive reference tool to guide the protection and conservation of salmon spawning areas. It will also be used to create awareness among users and action plans with partners.

Yours in conservation,

Stephen Chase