Advisory Committees

The Foundation relies heavily on its volunteer advisory committee structure to make good decisions on the projects that should be funded. Our advisory committee model is unique in the world of salmon conservation. It’s a strategic direction that promotes inclusiveness of the many interests in wild salmon conservation as well as partnership among them. Most importantly, our advisory committees ensure the Foundation receives excellent advice in recommending conservation projects that respond to the unique salmon conservation imperatives faced in each of the five provinces.

There are six advisory committees consisting of a Scientific Advisory Committee and five Provincial Advisory Committees. Each appointee to these committees is an expert volunteer identified in consultation with stakeholder groups and governments. Our advisory committees have proven to be a very successful way of including people in our decision-making processes and ensuring full transparency in the granting process.

New Brunswick

Todd Kennedy
Sara Richard
Charles Sacobie
Kathryn Collet (Chair)
Dave Dunn
Dr. Michelle Gray
Richard Debow

Nova Scotia

David MacNeil (Vice-Chair)
Michael Pollard (Chair)
Pat Wall
Jennifer MacDonald
Darryl Murrant
Jason LeBlanc
Shane O'Neil
Keith Christmas

Newfoundland & Labrador

Carl McLean
Jim McCarthy
Brian Dempson (Vice-chair)
Travis Van Leeuwen
Fred Parsons (Chair)
Graham Roome
Blair Adams

Prince Edward Island

Mary Finch (Chair)
Ruby Sharp
Ottis McInnis
Rob Burnett
Shawn MacDougall
Todd Dupuis (vice-Chair)
Brad Ledgerwood
Hannah Murnaghan


Frédéric Lévesque
Sylvie Tremblay
Jean-Pierre le Bel
Richard Firth (Chair)
Véronique Gilain
Thomas Buffin-Bélanger
Charlène Lavallée


François Caron
Dr. Rick Cunjak
Dr. Carole-Anne Gillis
Dave Reddin (Chair)
Dr. Ian Bradbury
Brian Dempson
Dr. Shelley Denny