Our Volunteers

Chris Wessel

Meet Chris Wessel, a member of our Newfoundland & Labrador Advisory Committee

Like most volunteer contributors to the cause of Atlantic salmon conservation, Chris Wessel has an angling background His interest in the outdoors generally goes ’way back, particularly fishing. He started fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon at 17 years of age on River John in Nova Scotia, but It took him three years to hook his first Autumn salmon. He recognized from a young age “how precious this species was and how much admiration it deserved”.

Not unlike most enthusiasts he discovered angling for Atlantic Salmon had become an obsession. He honed his skills as a hook and release angler. “To me, this species is worth more to me swimming.”
He is also very passionate about fly tying where he spends hours a day at it in the off season—and he is also a licensed angling guide taking on a few clients a year.

Chris graduated from the Fish and Wildlife Technician Program at the College of the North Atlantic in Corner Brook, NL in 2005 and began his career working for the very successful Bluenose Coastal Action Program in Mahone Bay, NS in 2006. Chris worked there for one year as a project co-ordinator before moving back to Newfoundland and starting work as a Wildlife Officer.

“Enforcement has definitely been a great fit for me. I love being in the field trying to catch the individuals who threaten the species I have had so much admiration for.”
“The attention being given to Atlantic Salmon and their habitat currently is very nice to see and be a part of. There is so much knowledge within the ASCF group and I love seeing it applied to the well-being of our wild Atlantic Salmon. It’s interesting to see the different issues each province faces with Atlantic Salmon conservation and what these provinces feel is important to focus efforts on. I also find it very interesting to see new technology and old methods being used in conservation.
“I am very humbled to be a part of such an amazing team of volunteers. To see the dedication everyone brings for this beloved species is nothing short of amazing. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for conservation of Atlantic Salmon in the Atlantic provinces.”